introduction to dr.addn, adds, and addx

Philip M. Torrance III (Tucson, AZ, USA, Earth, Sun#1)
B.A. Math & Comp.Sci EWU 1990

-- Discussion Recommended . Americium Dream Doc's Networker --
is my brand name for on-going doctoral work, i.e.,
surveying the works of others,
then writing enhancements, clarifications, and applications .

the Americium Dream Documents project

  • improve quality of life through accessible, practical knowledge
    especially for children (the time of our life when learning is most important) .
  • produce child-friendly openware -- cost-free open source software
    -- so that everyone can make "computerese" their second language .
  • make human knowledge accessible to robots or network agents
    (cyberspace engineering)
  • produce software tools that enable every professional to
    train robots in assisting and checking their work
    so that every expert can be a programmer of expert systems
    (knowledge engineering).
  • enhance accessibility with cyborganics
    (wearable computing systems that enhance learning or info'access) .