avoiding the dangling pointer

1.16: adde/fs/bookmarks/avoiding the dangling pointer:
. mac spends a megabyte per bookmark,
but it can't find the moved file
even when it's inside the same volume as the link ?
. all it needs is a checksum of the file,
and then if it's not at the path indicated,
it reports that this could take a while,
unless you know where it is;
and, it offers to cancel this backgrounded search job .
. it looks for a file of the same name,
then checks it has the same checksum .
. here's how to find the file in the case where
it was edited and no longer has the same checksum:
a bookmark can include a list of keywords,
and like google we can produce a list of files
that gives a decending-order best fit
of all files that contain more of those keywords .
. a more thorough way is more expensive,
and requires all file moves happen via the file mgt
who then has to provide a system for
knowing when a file has been linked in the past,
and has subsequently been both moved and edited .
. I think that design has been discussed earlier;
need to merge that with this idea .

relative url syntax

1.20: adda/syntax/relative url/