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12.10.5: summary:
. addm is the virtual machine that
implements the addx computing system
. addm (pronounced "adam")
is an operating system and virtual machine
for serving the needs of adde,
the secure and friendly editor
and programming environment .
. the idea behind a virtual machine (vm)
is to make an easier job of
writing safe software for several platforms:
. it is a very tiny program:
( all it does is translate your machine code
to the host's machine code )
it simulates your favorite platform,
and runs all your favorite software
on any platform that can run
that one tiny program .
. Adam was the Bible's first man,
and addm, being a computer system`s virtual machine,
is the first piece of software the system needs .
-- Adam is also the fabled original sinner
who everyone inherited sin's curse from:
and a machine that is not robust and stable
can cause all the other software to inherit that instability .

12.10.5: page is up with abstract .