in's and out's of Ada programming

4.8: todo.co.addn/dev.ada/ask about c infiltration:
. from looking at the F35 project,
it seems like c has won the war with Ada;
and, that got me realizing that
much of what I like about Ada
could be transferred to c .
. the essential Ada features could be introduced
just like the enum types were;
perhaps some version could try
the same route that c++ did:
"(this is a superset);
the industry really went wild for that .

4.15: Atego’s Aonix ObjectAda:
Military Embedded Systems`Editor's Choice award:
Atego’s Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time®
for Windows
targeting Intel x86 architectures
running Wind River’s VxWorks RTOS
Atego is the recent merger between
Artisan Software Tools and Aonix.
mission-critical systems
safety-critical systems
software development tools;
allows all teams
-- architecture, systems, software
and hardware engineering --
to [Work as One]SM
- from concept through to
delivery, maintenance and support.

Artisan Software Tools
. the world’s largest independent supplier of
industrial-grade, collaborative modeling tools
for complex, mission and safety-critical systems and software
Artisan Studio®, supports OMG SysML™, UML®
and Architectural Frameworks.

Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time
consists of a fully compliant
ACATS 2.5 Ada 95 compiler .
. Aonix ObjectAda for VxWorks leverages
the Eclipse-based Wind River Workbench .
Aonix PERC® secure java vm for embedded systems .
4.30: web.addn/dev.ada/online studies:
. searched site:faculty.cs.wwu.edu/reedyc/CS141_Spring_2005
and site:faculty.cs.wwu.edu ada
for ada study materials .

graphics for google'knol

4.19: sci.addn/net.knol/graphic html is ok:
. does google'knol display picts from the web?
ie, can I create some html with graphics
that will work the same in a knol page
as it does from my desktop browser?
eg, will knol show links to picts
that are stored on the picasa website?
. I took an url from picasa
made an html image with adjusted size in seamonkey.composer,
and was able to paste-in that html
into knol's html mode .
(this practice image is in my knol home page)
. the tag, with a typical picasa url:
img style="width: 346px; height: 259px;" alt="dig-it!"
IMG_2425%20spear%20 beside%20me%20shows%20depth%20of%20holes.jpg"

search function for google'knol

4.27: web.addn`gear/net.knol/search:

. google custom search; is it for knol?
google'cse (custom search engine):
doshdosh.com shows how to use it on your site:

. however, if your site is on knol,
do an author-specific knol'search:
. put a link on your page entitled:
[search my knol pages]
and link it to here(example my= philip-torrance's).

. this works much better than
because that search misses some main content pages
and it links to many unrelated words
just because they are showing up in the side bar
which contains unrelated or duplicate trivia
by listing other pages by this author .

. there's an api for custom search:
[5.18: todo:
. could this be used for improving a knol search?]


nui (natural user interface)

4.14: news.adde/nui (natural ui):

Don’t Over-Interpret Apple: Cross-Platform Development Isn’t a Sin
(a reference to Apple's disallowing code generators)
. Intua BeatMaker looks native,
but this app is built with a
cross-platform library, nui:
the multiplatform C++ API
for 3D hardware accelerated GUI .
. Yapuka.app is a NUI project generator for Xcode .
NUI (natural user interface):
. the GUI relied on metaphors for
interacting with on-screen content or objects.
The 'desktop' and 'drag' for example, being
metaphors for a visual interface
that ultimately was translated back into
the strict codified language of the computer.
The natural user interface removes the metaphors,
and many of the artificially learned devices,
to allow users to more directly manipulate content
using more Natural movements, motions and gestures.
. 'intuitively' describes how users interact with it.
. the seminal paper for post-WIMP interfaces
is Non Command User Interfaces .
. Michel Beaudouin-Lafon subsequently proposed
a framework called instrumental interaction(pdf),
that defines a design space for
Post-WIMP interaction techniques
and a set of properties for comparing them.
Examples of Post-WIMP interaction include
tui (touch ui):
. "(tui) can also stand text (lexically-graphical) ui;
it should be renamed to avoid confusion with touch ui; [5.1:
lui (lexical ui)? ]