git uses SHA-1 deprecated by NIST in 2011

2.25: news.cyb/dev/sec/git uses SHA-1 deprecated by NIST in 2011:
3.1: summary:
. git allows teams to concurrently work on software;
it uses SHA-1 hashing of versions,
to tell when files of a version have been modified
to help it merge versions of the software.
. SHA-1 has been cracked so you can modify a file
and yet have it result in the same SHA-1 hash,
thereby hiding the fact that it has been modified.
. the leader of git would like to replace SHA-1
with a more secure hash using more bits,
but would like to use a truncated version of that hash
so that git would only have to store and compare
the same number of bits as SHA-1.
. git is assumed by the leader of git, Linus Torvalds,
to be less vulnerable to the SHA-1 attack
because it includes not just the hash of a file
but also its size;
he gives no proof other than appeal to intuition:
can you imagine a way to add working malware to a file
while also keeping both the hash and the size the same?


#webassembly is starting beta

2.28: news.cyb/dev.net/webassembly.org is starting beta:
Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have teamed up
to make the web more efficient.


SciStarter.com and citizenscience.org

12.12: news.adds/democratizing science/
SciStarter.com and citizenscience.org:

Citizen Science Association and SciStarter
are about making science more accessible
and crowd-sourcing science projects.


Milk for openMP

9.15: news.adda/lang/co/Milk for openMP:
917: summary:
. Milk language optimizes openMP,
to avoid having to rewrite code.
. if you are starting from scratch,
better to avoid openMP.


reputation-based trust management

2.12: news.cyb/sec/reputation-based trust management:
2.14: summary:
. even if the NSA keeps vulnerabilities in place
so that they may continue accessing their backdoors;
they do not want you pawned by other nation states.
. they recommended "reputation management",
which I believe refers to
reputation-based trust management.

NSA`Tailored Access Operations`Rob Joyce:
. admins need to lock things down as far as possible;
whitelisting apps, locking down permissions,
patching as soon as possible,
and using reputation management.
. when up against a new piece of malware
it will be missed by Signature-based antivirus
but could still be caught by reputation.


#robotics #AI heaven-or-hell-its-your-choice.com

1.10..11: news.cs/robotics/heaven-or-hell-its-your-choice.com:
. Alan Keeling` Heaven or Hell It's Your Choice;
is a book warning us about the coming robotics age.
. his idea of machine learning dangers is delusional
but he's onto something when he warns that
the current political systems will create killer robotics.
. robotics is a weaponizable technology
and it needs to be tightly controlled by a global government
in order to keep various military powers
from programming the robots to kill each other.
. the reason for capitalism is a sort of fascism
where good people take resources from the others
and good is defined by who's most profitable.
. let the free market decide who makes the money
and thus who can support unlimited breeding rates.
. it's civil war as each culture fights to expand;
and, free markets are the battleground;
but, robotics can be used to cheat capitalism
by sabotaging or killing competitors.
. we need to insist that all robotics are open sourced;
and prove that any robot unleashed in the real world
is following a constitution that hurts no humans.


0.999... is a hyperreal not equal to one

12.8: co.quora/math/
here's why I have a problem with (0.999...) = 1:
. if the number (0.999...) = (1 - 1/infinity) = 1;
then the set [0,1) = {0, ... 1- 1/infinity} = {0, ... 1} = [0..1];
but then we have [0,1) = [0,1] so did we want to mean that?

12.17: wiki:
The equality of 0.999... and 1 is closely related to
the absence of nonzero infinitesimals in the real number system,
the most commonly used system in mathematical analysis.
Some alternative number systems, such as the hyperreals,
do contain nonzero infinitesimals;
and then the symbol "0.999..." admits the interpretation
of falling infinitesimally short of 1.
The equality 0.999... = 1 has long been accepted by mathematicians
because they are concerned with real numbers not hyperreals.
12.27: me:
0.999... is not a real number; it's a hyperreal;
because it is equal to 1 -1/infinity (the infinitesimal);
making it infinitely close to 1 but not real;
that's why 0.999... can't be equal to 1;
1 is a real; 0.999... is a hyperreal.


Raffi Khatchadourian`doomsday invention #robotics

12.14: cs/ai/Raffi Khatchadourian`doomsday invention:
. an article in the New Yorker, nov 23, p64,
Raffi Khatchadourian "the doomsday invention:
will artificial intelligence destroy us?":
. Nick Bostrom wrote in "superintelligence:
paths, dangers, strategies"
that humans risk being killed off when the robotic network
"gains the ability to improve itself,
and in short order exceeds the intellectual potential
of the human brain by many orders of magnitude."


#robotics beware offensive autonomous weapons

8.1: news.cs/robotics/beware offensive autonomous weapons:
8.3: summary:
. we are getting close to robotics that are
so talented they may serve as soldiers;
but scientists warn we should avoid
such a robotics arms race.
. supercomputers will be used to design
robotic soldiers we don't fully understand.
. robots designed for mutually assured destruction
could cause the extinction of the human race
much more effectively than nuclear weapons.


Linus Torvalds`thoughts on #Python

2.19: co.quora/adda/lang/python/Linus Torvalds`thoughts on #Python:

co.quora.com/ What-does-Linus-Torvalds-think-of-Python:

eternal civilization foundations

2.18: news.adds/eternal civilization foundations:
openculture introduces longnow.org:
. longnow's Manual for Civilization
aims to select 3,500 books deemed to be
most likely to sustain or rebuild civilization.


Linus Torvalds`use asciidoc

2.19: web.adda/markup/Linus Torvalds`use asciidoc:
. my programming language, adda,
includes a markup language
so that simple ascii documentation
can be converted to html with advanced features
like hyperlinks, and formatting .
. xml and html code is written in ascii
but it's not as readable by humans
since it's designed primarily for machines .
. Linus Torvalds was famous for
condemning xml and supporting asciidoc
so I became interested in studying asciidoc
and incorporating parts of that into adda markup .
. there is an asciidoc renderer for Chrome OS .


spie.org #phy #library

2014.12.12: lib.phy/spie.org/samples:
SPIE the international society for optics and photonics,
is advancing an interdisciplinary approach
to the science and application of light.
SPIE publishes the SPIE Digital Library,
containing more than 400,000 research papers
from the Proceedings of SPIE and the Society's
10 scholarly journals with around 18,000 new papers added each year,
and more than 195 eBooks from the SPIE Press catalog.
The SPIE Press publishes print monographs, tutorial texts,
Field Guides, and reference books.
SPIE also publishes a wide variety of open access content.


magnetic fields affect the gravitational field #phy

2014.11.16: news.phy/aether/Dr.Judy Wood`
magnetic fields affect the gravitational field:
Dr. Judy Wood (2hr:43min):
see Boyd Bushman experiments:
. when magnets are pushing against eachother
they are less prone to the pull of gravity
they fall slower than a non-magnetic control;
. 2 magnets arranged so that they are attracting each other
fall faster than the control:
being attracted by magnetism
makes them more prone to gravity's pull .


the omniverse #phy

2014.11.15: phy/the omniverse:
My self has a sense of Personal (or self) Reality
[perception is part of reality]
that is influenced by Temporal (or contingent) Reality
[physics is a part of reality]
and by Paragonal (or necessary) Reality
[mathematical and ethical facts are part of reality]
in an Omniverse Environment
(the omniverse is all of reality).


#adda initialization

2015.1.2: image and string inputs:
. user-definable literal types reminded me of
user-programmable compilers
(what are the security implications of that?!)
but, the compiler doesn't need to be modifiable,
as the literals come as some composition of
just 5 literal types:
list, number, symbol enumeration, string, image .
. the type mgt's declaration of it's literal type
has nothing to do with the internal representation
of the type mgt's object's value;
so, for example, the string-initialized object
is not necessarily holding the string;
rather, just like the enum is converted to a number;
the type's mgt has its own parser
that converts the string into some data structure .
. the type's literal can be an image;
assuming the user's editor can display images,
the user can see the image or icon
instead of the image's hex representation .


democratized hardware design

9.17: news.adds/openware/democratized hardware design:
co.yt#ARMdevices.net Sep 15, 2014:
Google Project Ara Keynote: 
“What if hardware was more like software?
Google’s Project Ara and the
democratization of the hardware ecosystem.”

Code.org`Code Studio

9.12: news.adds/cp4e/Code.org`Code Studio:
Code.org Launches Code Studio,
A Toolset And Curriculum For Teaching Kids Programming
Rather than having kids pick up a language like Python
(as you would in a college or AP Computer Science class),
Code Studio teaches the underlying concepts in programming
through the composition of interlocking graphics,
a lot like MIT’s  Scratch, though Code Studio uses HTML5
(so it can run in most browsers).


robot-human interactions

12.28: summary:
. ideas about robot-human interactions
inspired by the movie Her,
about falling in love with AI .


Chris Granger`programming with Light Table

5.12: news.addx/Chris Granger`programming with Light Table:
chris-granger.com 2014/03:
. the important part of a spreadsheet program
is that it avoids incidental complexity:
if you understand keyboardable math notation
then you are writing equations that are
constantly run as programs .
. every cell accepting values
will have its changes trigger an update
that reruns any equations using it as input .
. a spreadsheet is completely observable;
ie, there are no hidden variables:
when you set up a spreadsheet,
all the calculations are based on
inputs visible to you on the same sheet .
. there are 2 examples of being direct:
a good spreadsheet program will let you
input a math equation as a function definition,
and it will express values graphically;
eg, color codes are given as colors,
and names of objects are replaced with
pictures of the objects .
. the limits of that programming model
is that it represents only a single program
that is a composition of functions .
. we need to intuitively and graphically extend that
to all the control structures people think in terms of .
"we're out to find something better,
something that isn't just for programmers
or non-programmers, but instead
removes that distinction entirely" .
. the author had originally began by
creating a code editor that would make it easier to
use your typical programming language,
but decided that current languages are the problem .
. their code editor featured Clojure
which is basically lisp .
Light Table's general editor capabilities
will work with most languages out there,
but it has deeper language integrations
(things like inline eval) for Clojure,
ClojureScript, Javascript, Python, HTML, and CSS...
More languages can be added via plugins in the future.

Chris Granger`Aurora

5.11: news.adda/lang/Chris Granger`Aurora:
The Aurora language was created by Chris Granger,
who also built the Light Table IDE.
Chris outlines the motivation for Aurora
in his post Toward a better programming:
.some of the goals are to make programming
more observable, direct, and reduce incidental complexity.
For more info, be sure to see Bret Victor's incredible talks:
Inventing on Principle, Media for Thinking the Unthinkable,
and Learnable Programming.


5.10: adda/oop/multi-inheritance:
12.26..27: summary:
. I played around with the idea of mult-inheritance
in 2010/062010/11,  and 2012;
after this latest exploration in 2014/05,
I'm wondering if mult-inheritance is worth it;
because it could easily become confusing
knowing how many roles are affected by assignments .


empirical vs normative uncertainty

5.9: news.phi/empirical vs normative uncertainty:
Will MacAskill @ MIRI:
. with just a bit of Moral philosophy research
we can radically alter the value of our options.
So individuals, philanthropists, and governments
should all spend a lot more resources on
researching and studying ethics .
. picking policy can make use of voting systems .
. when unsure about what we ought to do,
it's due to various sorts of uncertainty:

ibiblio.org #openware #library

5.8: lib.adds/openware/ibiblio.org:
. textbook on electricity .
Welcome to ibiblio!

Home to one of the Internet's largest
“collections of collections”,
ibiblio.org is an online public library with
freely available software and information,


logging to help debug and user experience

4.24: adda/architecture/logging to help debug and user experience:
12.20: summary:
. logging of calls can tell you where an error occurs;
when errors are out of your control .