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1.10..11: news.cs/robotics/heaven-or-hell-its-your-choice.com:
. Alan Keeling` Heaven or Hell It's Your Choice;
is a book warning us about the coming robotics age.
. his idea of machine learning dangers is delusional
but he's onto something when he warns that
the current political systems will create killer robotics.
. robotics is a weaponizable technology
and it needs to be tightly controlled by a global government
in order to keep various military powers
from programming the robots to kill each other.
. the reason for capitalism is a sort of fascism
where good people take resources from the others
and good is defined by who's most profitable.
. let the free market decide who makes the money
and thus who can support unlimited breeding rates.
. it's civil war as each culture fights to expand;
and, free markets are the battleground;
but, robotics can be used to cheat capitalism
by sabotaging or killing competitors.
. we need to insist that all robotics are open sourced;
and prove that any robot unleashed in the real world
is following a constitution that hurts no humans.


0.999... is a hyperreal not equal to one

12.8: co.quora/math/
here's why I have a problem with (0.999...) = 1:
. if the number (0.999...) = (1 - 1/infinity) = 1;
then the set [0,1) = {0, ... 1- 1/infinity} = {0, ... 1} = [0..1];
but then we have [0,1) = [0,1] so did we want to mean that?

12.17: wiki:
The equality of 0.999... and 1 is closely related to
the absence of nonzero infinitesimals in the real number system,
the most commonly used system in mathematical analysis.
Some alternative number systems, such as the hyperreals,
do contain nonzero infinitesimals;
and then the symbol "0.999..." admits the interpretation
of falling infinitesimally short of 1.
The equality 0.999... = 1 has long been accepted by mathematicians
because they are concerned with real numbers not hyperreals.
12.27: me:
0.999... is not a real number; it's a hyperreal;
because it is equal to 1 -1/infinity (the infinitesimal);
making it infinitely close to 1 but not real;
that's why 0.999... can't be equal to 1;
1 is a real; 0.999... is a hyperreal.