dsm means full code generation

3.7: news.adda/domain-specific modeling and full code generation:
. when you hear about thousand-fold
increases in productivity from applying
industrial-age engineering techniques
it is from the use of domain-specific modeling
being the facilitator of full code generation .
. it's like the idea of a module-connection language
extended to generate code for
not just the connections but the entire app .
. it's like domain-specific support libraries
extended to include control structures
-- and anything else you need in order to
keep your hands out of source code  [3.31:
(in contrast to Literate Programming,
which eases the transition between dsm and
the chosen manual code generation) .]
ieeexplore.ieee.org`Computer 2002/(pdf)
Model-integrated computing (MIC):
Domain-Specific Modeling: Enabling Full Code Generation. To be useful, a reusable framework for
creating domain-specific design environments
must have a meta-metamodel lang
ie, generic enough to be applicable to
a wide range of domains.
as defined by math fundamentals of
logic, set, category, quantification, ...:
containment, module interconnection,
multiaspect modeling, inheritance,
textual-numerical attributes.
. eg, the metamodel of a fsa is a subclass of graph:
the edges are state transitions
and nodes are states .
the model of a fsa
would then be a particular graph .
The one predefined language in this scheme
— the metamodeling language— expresses metamodels:
domain modeling languages .
. and is itself expressed in by a meta-metamodeling lang;
The MIC framework consistently applies
a meta-level architecture:
a layer is always described in terms of
the next higher layer in the hierarchy.
--[ . this is a reminder that adda is supposed to be
finding the fundamentals like math does
but in an elegant unified local-friendly language . ]
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and authored by metacase.com
how completely can adda merge with this?
get more .edu data about what this is .
. weed out dsl's:
Domain-Specific Languages: An Annotated Bibliography
. the key to productivity is full code generation;
that leaves you with what the modeling lang' should be;
well, starting from scratch then,
being dom'specific helps;
but you can go quite far with a general-purpose lang'
that offers user-defined control structures .