SOA (service oriented architecture):

the root of all evil
on the internet and on the desktop,
is balancing security with efficiency .
. a primary objective of SOA is security,
so, that is what we're balancing latency with .

. SOA means converting all subprogram calls
into messages that get logged,
and then these are resolved into calls .
. there is no need for a firewall at the site;
instead, every subprogram is an authenticated user,
and there's a firewall between each subprogram .
. when malware infects one component,
it's not infecting the entire site unnoticed .
. an auditing thread is checking the logs,
and unusual behaviors can result in rollbacks .

. instead of security at the city's perimeter,
police are constantly checking the ID of everyone,
every time they cross the street!
. when we invite a new app into our community
we are getting a new user of os services;
the app is no longer assumed to have
the same credentials as the installing user;
and no users are assumed to have
the same trustworthiness they had yesterday .

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