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2014.12.12: lib.phy/spie.org/samples:
SPIE the international society for optics and photonics,
is advancing an interdisciplinary approach
to the science and application of light.
SPIE publishes the SPIE Digital Library,
containing more than 400,000 research papers
from the Proceedings of SPIE and the Society's
10 scholarly journals with around 18,000 new papers added each year,
and more than 195 eBooks from the SPIE Press catalog.
The SPIE Press publishes print monographs, tutorial texts,
Field Guides, and reference books.
SPIE also publishes a wide variety of open access content.


magnetic fields affect the gravitational field #phy

2014.11.16: news.phy/aether/Dr.Judy Wood`
magnetic fields affect the gravitational field:
Dr. Judy Wood (2hr:43min):
see Boyd Bushman experiments:
. when magnets are pushing against eachother
they are less prone to the pull of gravity
they fall slower than a non-magnetic control;
. 2 magnets arranged so that they are attracting each other
fall faster than the control:
being attracted by magnetism
makes them more prone to gravity's pull .


the omniverse #phy

2014.11.15: phy/the omniverse:
My self has a sense of Personal (or self) Reality
[perception is part of reality]
that is influenced by Temporal (or contingent) Reality
[physics is a part of reality]
and by Paragonal (or necessary) Reality
[mathematical and ethical facts are part of reality]
in an Omniverse Environment
(the omniverse is all of reality).


#adda initialization

2015.1.2: image and string inputs:
. user-definable literal types reminded me of
user-programmable compilers
(what are the security implications of that?!)
but, the compiler doesn't need to be modifiable,
as the literals come as some composition of
just 5 literal types:
list, number, symbol enumeration, string, image .
. the type mgt's declaration of it's literal type
has nothing to do with the internal representation
of the type mgt's object's value;
so, for example, the string-initialized object
is not necessarily holding the string;
rather, just like the enum is converted to a number;
the type's mgt has its own parser
that converts the string into some data structure .
. the type's literal can be an image;
assuming the user's editor can display images,
the user can see the image or icon
instead of the image's hex representation .