the omniverse #phy

2014.11.15: phy/the omniverse:
My self has a sense of Personal (or self) Reality
[perception is part of reality]
that is influenced by Temporal (or contingent) Reality
[physics is a part of reality]
and by Paragonal (or necessary) Reality
[mathematical and ethical facts are part of reality]
in an Omniverse Environment
(the omniverse is all of reality).

. "Omniversal Reality" was first seen here:
higherdensity`Dr. Angela Barnett (crystalai) 2014:
During 2015-2017, the entire universe will shift forward
into a new time matrix, a new Cosmic Template,
a new Omniversal Reality.
. very few other google finds but in fiction;
eg, Suggs`Swan Song:
"the generation of extra-dimensional energy
started affecting the entire space-time Omniversal Reality";
and religion:
"When I am in that state of perfect alignment with, and acknowledgement of
Who I Am, all that comes through me, all my feelings, thoughts,
words—spoken or written—and deeds can but be
a perfect expression of that Omniversal Reality that I Am."
"For as long as I remain bounded to physical reality,
my innate Perfection cannot shine through my human form
without being deflected by the ill-informed ideas,
dysfunctional habits and distorted perceptions
that are so prevalent in this earthly plane of existence.
The same applies to all other memory-impaired
fragments of Omniversal Reality
living a physical experience."
"Being Home, back into intimate communion with the Source
all souls originally came from,
is possibly the greatest Mystery of all for
any soul still self-separated from this Omniversal Reality,
and yet it is the ultimate goal of our near eternal existence
and the most efficient means of putting an end
to all sufferings and to the karmic wheel
that keeps us bound into material slavery."
"... one’s holy greatness as a holographic expression of
the Omniversal Reality everything stems from."