magnetic fields affect the gravitational field #phy

2014.11.16: news.phy/aether/Dr.Judy Wood`
magnetic fields affect the gravitational field:
Dr. Judy Wood (2hr:43min):
see Boyd Bushman experiments:
. when magnets are pushing against eachother
they are less prone to the pull of gravity
they fall slower than a non-magnetic control;
. 2 magnets arranged so that they are attracting each other
fall faster than the control:
being attracted by magnetism
makes them more prone to gravity's pull .
As a Senior Research Engineer
Boyd Bushman worked for Lockheed Martin,
Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft.
He is one of the inventors of the Stinger missile
and he speaks on Camera about Area 51
and advanced propulsion systems being tested there.
As a Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin,
Boyd Bushman shows that he did experiments
proving that magnetic fields
affect the gravitational field
and because of that,
bodies don't fall with the same acceleration,
a result different from
the classical experiments made by Galileo
with no magnetic fields present.
[!] the associated vid shows:
Anti-Gravity at LMTAS Boyd Bushman
Dec 12, 1995
Subject rethinking Galileo
The opposing magnetic field assembly
fell at a slower speed than its counterpart .
. the procedure was repeated 9 times
and 9 out of 9 times
the object with the magnetic field arrived last .
The results show that All objects
do NOT fall at the same rate
and that magnetic fields do effect gravity.