addx (ADD's eXtensible OS)

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addx's project page
. addx is a virtual system like java
(the vm and the language);
it is composed of addm (the virtual Machine),
adda (add`Automatica --the automation language),
and adde (the Editor -- a user interface and toolset) .
. addx is optimistically pronounced addict's
because something that was really useful and friendly
would make you feel addicted to it;
conversely, it addresses the needs of
those addicted to proprietary software
-- the endless cycle of buying more upgrades
to find yet more bugs .

12.10.5: page is up with abstract .

The Book of Xen: A Practical Guide for the System Administrator
Chris Takemura

The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor
David Chisnall

VMware Fusion 5 for MAC OS X
VMware Inc.

VMware Cookbook: A Real-World Guide to Effective VMware Use
Matthew Helmke

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