live obj's have a guest.tag

4.25: adda/{oop, concurrency}/live obj's have a guest.tag:
. type.tags could be shorter than a ptr
by being a node-specific typeId#,
where the term "(node)
is supposed to conjure up the idea of networking
as being a collection of communicating modules .
. a node-based library is specific to
either a computer or a user account .
. if a live object is passed between nodes
then how is the typeId associated with
an implementation of a type'mgt?
. a live obj' is sent from a guest node
to a host node;
the guest-host handshake starts by
associating a type'name with the
type'mgt's body of code,
and after that,
the host can then refer to that type
using a pair of both the guest#,
and the obj's typeid# .
. the handshake ends with the host
telling the guest or the messaging system
what the guest's guestID# is .
. after that,
all obj's come in from a guestID#,
and all obj's contain a type.tag that's
understood within the context of a given guest .]