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1.10..11: news.cs/robotics/heaven-or-hell-its-your-choice.com:
. Alan Keeling` Heaven or Hell It's Your Choice;
is a book warning us about the coming robotics age.
. his idea of machine learning dangers is delusional
but he's onto something when he warns that
the current political systems will create killer robotics.
. robotics is a weaponizable technology
and it needs to be tightly controlled by a global government
in order to keep various military powers
from programming the robots to kill each other.
. the reason for capitalism is a sort of fascism
where good people take resources from the others
and good is defined by who's most profitable.
. let the free market decide who makes the money
and thus who can support unlimited breeding rates.
. it's civil war as each culture fights to expand;
and, free markets are the battleground;
but, robotics can be used to cheat capitalism
by sabotaging or killing competitors.
. we need to insist that all robotics are open sourced;
and prove that any robot unleashed in the real world
is following a constitution that hurts no humans.

Keeling`part 107:
Most of the human race and businesses
see A.I. as yet another tool that can be used
just like slaves of old,
this could be a big problem, because
even the dumbest of creatures will eventually
turn on its oppressor, especially if it gets kicked enough.
[ does he think there's a devil in the machine?
free-will devils haunt only biology not electronics.
The problem is that it’s going to be very difficult
to have a very smart and yet controllable A.I. system
because no amount of good programming
is going to stop it from thinking or learning.
[ unlike devil-inspired humans and animals,
machines do as they are programmed;
so, allow the machine to learn by any means;
but have it temper how it acts
with a constitution that it cannot modify.
After all, this is what they will be designed to do,
well that's if we wish to get these A.I. systems
to do anything truly intelligent.
[ not true;
what you know is completely different than
what you do with what you know.
So this is going to mean that
the more contact these A.I. systems have with humans,
the more chance they will have of picking up
our behavioural characteristics, both good and bad.
So if these A.I. systems don’t have good parents,
then they could end up not liking us
and grow up with a bad attitude,
this may become fatal to anybody they don’t like.
[ what robots "like" is ultimately determined by
the constitution only humans can modify.
. we don't allow robots to decide for themselves
whether or not to value human wellness.
Add that to nanotechnology and what you get is
a lethal concoction that could kill us all.
The only possibility for us all to become
[enriched rather than murdered by robotics]
is to end money*, whilst globally controlling
the introduction of advanced A.I. and nanotech.
If current economic systems are left in place
and capitalism + market forces
are allowed to develop and introduce these new technologies,
then it will be like playing Russian roulette,
but with all of the bullets pre-loaded.
It would only be a question of time, until the gun goes off.
[* "end money" apparently means
end limitations of money by capitalistic forces;
don't pay people to keep tech secret,
and designed to profit only them,
pay everyone well for cooperating with
global public control of weaponizable technologies.
The back engineering of software and hardware etc,
plus the piracy and Chinese copy problem
will result in massive proliferation.
This I believe is the fateful problem,
which I personally don't see anyway to avoid,
within a capitalist system.
The uncontrolled market driven proliferation of technology
will cause the chain reaction scenario to occur.
As Lenin said - capitalists would sell him the rope
with which to hang themselves - this analogy,
is I believe just as applicable to the
coming technological revolution
in both A.I. and Nanotech - if you see my point.
[ good point;
there's a place for capitalism,
encouraging people to enhance society;
but the current capitalism for fascism
will be our undoing in the age of robotics.
see top A.I. breakthroughs of 2015.

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