search function for google'knol

4.27: web.addn`gear/net.knol/search:

. google custom search; is it for knol?
google'cse (custom search engine):
doshdosh.com shows how to use it on your site:

. however, if your site is on knol,
do an author-specific knol'search:
. put a link on your page entitled:
[search my knol pages]
and link it to here(example my= philip-torrance's).

. this works much better than
because that search misses some main content pages
and it links to many unrelated words
just because they are showing up in the side bar
which contains unrelated or duplicate trivia
by listing other pages by this author .

. there's an api for custom search:
[5.18: todo:
. could this be used for improving a knol search?]