graphics for google'knol

4.19: sci.addn/net.knol/graphic html is ok:
. does google'knol display picts from the web?
ie, can I create some html with graphics
that will work the same in a knol page
as it does from my desktop browser?
eg, will knol show links to picts
that are stored on the picasa website?
. I took an url from picasa
made an html image with adjusted size in seamonkey.composer,
and was able to paste-in that html
into knol's html mode .
(this practice image is in my knol home page)
. the tag, with a typical picasa url:
img style="width: 346px; height: 259px;" alt="dig-it!"
IMG_2425%20spear%20 beside%20me%20shows%20depth%20of%20holes.jpg"