hll-to-hll projects

--. the search to help me build an adda -> c translator:
. can we find an {ada, pascal} to c translator?
. also, a conversion either way might be helpful (eg, c->pascal):
. and how about lisp to c?
reminds that I may find python to c written in python
. actually, ...

. the primary goal for adda's tool is to find some way of
translating things that are said my way
into things that are understood with common tools .
. c is the hll (high-level lang) that is recognized everywhere;
so, the easiest compiler translates adda to c .
. c is notorious for not being well defined
or otherwise not being easy to translate into another lang;
so, one goal adda does not have
is trying to reuse c code by translating into adda;
rather, adda simply has to find the safe, understandable parts of c,
and map adda`lang to those parts .

. rather than try to hand-translate similar projects,
and adapt them to the needs of adda's toolset,
I may be better off just boning up on hand-crafted compilers
(Patrick Terry` programming language translation)
and using the ideas from that (conveyed in straightforward Pascal code)
to create code specifically for adda`tools .

. some of the things I did for etree parsing
and the string pkg (pascal code)
may be easily convertable to c;
although the etree lang is not exactly what adda should be
(it used precidence rather than smart type inferencing) .