integrating types and dimensions

4.22: todo.adda/urgent/types integrated with dimensions:
just as 9.81 m/s/s
means 9.81 * m/s/s
f(x) is a shorthand for
f @ (x);
thus, space is an overloaded infix operator
meaning either a multiply or an apply .
. it is unambiguous because of the
specific places that an apply is expected .
. symbols must declare whether they expect an arg;
therefore what follows such a symbol
must be either {arg, terminator};
otherwise, it can expect either
{ infix
, multiply`factor or dimensional
, terminator}.
still need to flesh out
how to dimension things
and declare dimensions
. "(dimensional) refers to numeric types:
any renaming of a numeric type
must be a dimension because it implies
a numeric amount of a certain substance;
3 tsp substance
-- tsp is a unit of volume;
hence the declaration:
( tsp.vol: 4.92892159 ml )
-- many things can be measured in 3 ways:
unit counts, volumes, and weights of masses .
. in addition to type being a special type,
there is a special class of primary dimensions:
{ volume, mass, length, time,
, electric intensity
, thermal intensity
, radiation intensity }.