window config' generation and automation

9.27: adde/gui/window config' generation and automation:
. once windows are arranged in an oft-used way,
you can generate an icon representing that way,
and have it become available by menu .
. to customize your menu item,
there's a pallet of icon styles:
# a miniature of the current display,
# an abstract view with only window frames,
# and either of the above with
names of chosen apps added to the icon .
. for speedy creation of window arrangements,
there is a window drawing mode,
such that anything you do with mouse
affects only the frames of the windows,
not their content;
so, you don't need to be a sharp shooter
targeting scrollbars or tiny buttons .
. also, the windows are auto'ly tiled,
so your point selections don't have to be exact .
. a mouse-down dragged to another point
makes a rectangle, as usual;
then clicking in the resulting rectangle
brings up a list of frequently used app's and folders;
the default is a finder window .
-- todo:
that reminds how ipad
lets you scroll with multi-touch
maybe they have something for auto-tiling too?
. I remember the mac plus in 1985,
it had an easy drawing app that so inspired me .