tuple literals

6.21: adda/syntax/use of colons to delimit tuple components:
. I wonder if could use python's colon syntax for numeric typing
and still be able to use colons in the usual way
if I am omitting the space: eg, label: t:u:p:l:e .
. this use of omitted space has its precedent in (-),
where minus looks like this: x -y,
while x-y is single name .
if omitting to express default
my way needs something like *:*
because in python the full syntax is [:]
but I have other plans for [],
seq#*:* = python's seq[:]
[:] is a symbol spelled with a colon .

6.29: adda/subparameter delimiters:
. the python string parameters ( start, stop, step )
are delimited by (:) .
. they are like sub parameters,
where instead of a, (1,2,3), c
you can use subparameters to avoid overusing parentheticals:
a, 1:2:3, c .
. the python syntax comes from prior use of (:) to express ranges
-- I first saw this syntax in spreadsheet formulae .