generic parser

2.23: adda/translate/generic parser:

. if there is a generic parser,
then it has to record spaces(n) and new lines,
because the meaning of symbol sequences
will often depend on whether a space
is separating them .
. this may not help me anyway since my interpretation
can depend on whether a name is a type id or not?

. one thing that does simplify things
is a parser that does find and tree
the enclosures and delimiters
-- {} () [] , ; : .  --
along with some other un-redefinables .

. it also supports implicit enclosures
(the use of indentation to indicate a grouping)
so it needs to translate ( newline & (some spaces) )
into the beginning or continuation of an enclosure;
and, there needs to be a parameter for
what the currently expected indenting level is .

. if it can find (symbol.type) as being a type def,
then it can also find ( .symbol ) as being a type; [2.29:
but, types shouldn't require a preceding dot .]

. strings of alphanum's that start with alphabet
are always names .
. enclosures include set generators .