skipping versioning for small edits

4.26: adde/versioning/skipping versioning for small edits:
. while inputting a string,
when the normal rules of versioning are in play,
stopping to do a correction should
cause the string input to be terminated,
then the new command is a string replace .

. one way around that is [word modify mode]
that can suspend the versioning system
until you are finished editing a particular word;
and, it reduces the damage of the modification
to just a particular word,
so that the versioning system is less needed . 5.13:
. it doesn't consider the word saved by versioning
until you are actually getting into the next word .

. the quickest way to get around within a word,
in a [word modifying mode]
is to have keys assigned to characters ?
perhaps the best way is a search:
go to the beginning of the line,
then after hitting the user's chosen find-key
the characters being typed in after that
will be selecting a substring to jump to
within that line .
. in find mode it jumps to any line,
and then goes backwards with the left arrow;
the up arrow jumps to the previous paragraph .

5.13: key mappings edit:
. these are all just suggested key mappings,
the user is encouraged to change the key meanings .
. the menu has an edit mode,
as if the menu and its associated dialogs
were together a hierarchical document .
. when you select menu/find,
it opens a dialog
that helps you remember the commands
(even if they were user-assigned):
up-arrow = previous paragraph
down-arrow = next paragraph
left-arrow = backward search
right-arrow = forward search .
. in the menu/edit mode,
that dialog can be edited:
. click on "down-arrow",
and then pressing a key changes it to that key .

adde/versioning/log view:
. using the timestamps of the journal file
the log view is sorted by timestamps
so you can see the sequence of the edits .