library mgt

11.9: adda/lib mgt/multiple lib's:

. a lib is an obj file that does lib mgt;
you declare it in a folder,
and then anything compiled from within that folder
is registered in and by that lib,
if a project folder doesn't have a lib,
the compiler searches up the folder hierarchy,
and beyond the acct's db:
the node's lib, intranet's lib,
and finally the std, built into the compiler .
. at each level, a diff shows
how your lib is a modification of
the lib it inherits from .

. lib's can easily share items with other lib's:
their items are just links to the acct's db,
modified entries simply switch the link
from targeting the share
to that of a private lib .

. adda assumes you want a lib
placed in the top of your acct`fs (your home dir)
-- with no localized lib's,
and all compilation units shared .

. if you want to make sure you don't
link to anything except locals;
create a new empty lib in your project folder,
and inherit null .

. you can inherit from another lib
either by copy or link:
(linking to the lib means your lib
grows with that lib,
copying means you copy all the current items)
. various ways of partial inheritance:
# undo some of an inheritance
# inherit specific components of a lib .

foreign lib heads-up wrapper:
. program's compiled by adda are
user-friendly because all code is
sprinkled with embedded calls to gui mgt
for ensured responsiveness .
. since adda language is translated to ansi c,
it can link to foreign lib's
(ones that adda didn't compile).
. adda puts a wrapper around
calls to foreign code,
reminding  the user that
some potentially intrusive code
is about to run,
the reminder would have some option checkboxes:
# ok to always proceed without warning?
# for any foreign lib?, whitelist... warnlist... .
# want a dashboard light indicating
when the system is running foreign code? .

. if there's some way to know
when the user is annoyed,
and it may be due to the system being unresponsive,
that will never happen when addx is running adda code,
so then remind them it's because
a given foreign function is not releasing control .

. one way to insure more integration
is by being able to insert gui-relief calls
at the c code level,
rather than in adda code .
. but that still leaves code that can't be trusted;
it is impossible to convert arbitrary c
to safe c, in every case,
because the arbitrary c wants to do things
that safe c would never do!
but, adda should at least attempt it,
at least in some advanced version;
. adda should tell the user
when a foreign lib can't be coverted by adda,
and explain why adda generates c code,
rather than reusing c code:
it's more trustworthy even if not more efficient;
because, it's sure not to crash the app,
and not have vulnerabilities that could be
used by malware seeking to smash the stack or heap .
. when users add a foreign lib to their acct,
they should be reminded of the risks,
and should identify the source
with a {project name, url, author name}
so that if there are problems with it,
addx can meaningfully show users
which lib is involved .