first-class gui

1.10: adde/first-class dialogs:
. in addition to being able to see the
entirety of any path of a wizard
without having to fill it out,
you can treat dialogs like files,
and do a [save as] on partially filled dialogs,
then when given a dialog,
you can use [open file] to complete the dialog .

1.17: adde/gui/what's going on?!:
. what seems to be a copy ctrl-c of the firefox address bar,
is not taking the first time,
go back and switch windows, and ctrl-c again and it works?
it needs a confirmation that this happened
like a tiny brief popup of the time .

1.20: adde/gui/receptivity:
. ubuntu.gnome.firefox surprises me with
the way it shows the cursor:
. if you lower the cursor into the firefox address box,
the entire cursor can be in the box (including the tip)
and it still doesn't turn into
the I-bar that indicates insertion;
I am intuitively used to putting the cursor near the bar,
and without noticing it turn into the I-bar
expecting the mouse-down to put me into
editing the address bar .
. ubuntu.gnome is too finicky !
it should work like this:
if you do a mouse-down in a place that doesn't respond,
it should be finding the closest thing you likely meant;
if there is more than one thing nearby,
it should use a list of nearby things,
or a magnified window of the graphics
showing where usable things are
vs where your cursor is .

1.31: adde/pervasive shortcuts:
. all the radio buttons and checkboxes
should be large eno to contain keys
to tell you how to mark them by keyboard .