cross-platform task mgt survey

5.4: adde/universal view of task mgt:
. compare the various ways provided by
{mac, pc, linux} to see what's running:
# mac:
. a dock contains your favorite and active apps;
the dock marks currently active apps;
so, it might be called an app.bar .
. the [all windows].key shows all windows
in a non-overlapping arrangement;
the [current app's windows].key shows a similar
non-overlapping arrangement of
just those windows owned by the current app .
. mission control combines the
[all windows].key with the
[current app's windows]`function
by not only showing all windows in a
non-overlapping arrangement
but also grouping windows together
according to which app they're owned by .
# pc, linux:
. a taskbar has icons for each window;
press an icon to bring its window to the front .
# pc (group similar taskbar buttons):
. the taskbar has an icon for each app
and the effect of pressing on one
depends on how many windows that app has open:
if just 1 window, it brings that window to the front;
for many windows,
it shows a menu of that app's current windows;
the user selects one, and that window comes forward .

. all systems use the tab key for
(with ctrl or command) to select a window .
# mac:
show what's active in the dock;
# pc, linux:
list what's in the taskbar .

. usually there's been one desktop
containing all your windows;
if there were more than one desktop
then they could each hold
project-specific windows .
. for this I coined the term projectbar
to match how taskbar is literally
a bar of tasks .
. mac's name for projectbar is Spaces,
and its Dashboard involves the same idea .
. Dashboard uses a key for popping up
a 2nd desktop whose project is
the use of widgets
which are lightweight utilities
like calculators and clocks,
or data displays like weather,
calender, and ticker tape .
. another use of the Dashboard Space
could be task mgt;
where both {dock, taskbar}
are kept on the 2nd desktop .