dream theory's tech perfection plan

12.8: adds/relig/dream theory's tech perfection plan:
. welcome to my wealth4all religion .
. you don't even have to believe in it to be saved by it,
but if everyone did believe,
it would save a lot of grief .
. the universe's god has no way of
not choosing bad experiences
(all that's left for the god to do
is making sure the bad comes first
and that some good experiences
are in power to keep civilization alive
during this boot camp of evolution);
but we've already seen
every sort of pain and inequality,
so, any time now,
we certainly could move on to
experiencing pure wealth4all .
. the emotional pains the god gives us
are put there just to provoke the wars
that promote evolution of the technology
that ensures eternal survival beyond sun death;
but, if everyone were to realize
god needs tech not war,
then we could simply volunteer
to put more money into tech .
. of course that would mean less money for
the popular entertaining games such as:
my family is bigger than your family ...
so, it's not a belief without costs;
but non-believers are welcomed to be
dragged through war:
wealth4all is optional
until tech is perfected .
. it's not like god is punishing us for
being uncooperative with the needed
Tech Perfection Plan
but if you did believe that,
the obvious data certainly could
support that view;
however, at this point in the
universe's experience distribution
war is no longer needed for
pinning the pains to the beginning;
but, war is still a backup plan
in case we don't feel it necessary to
divert population expansion funds
towards the Tech Perfection Plan .
. wealth4all: I'm a believer .