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2.18: news.adds/eternal civilization foundations:
openculture introduces longnow.org:
. longnow's Manual for Civilization
aims to select 3,500 books deemed to be
most likely to sustain or rebuild civilization.

About Long Now:
"The Long Now Foundation, established in 01996
[that is 1996 of a 10,000 year calender]
develops the Clock and Library projects,
as well as to become the seed of a
very long-term cultural institution.
The Long Now Foundation hopes to
creatively foster responsibility
in the framework of the next 10,000 years."

an example book from Manual for Civilization:
Marshall T. Savage`The Millennial Project:
Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps
--. for similar material see
"The Living Universe Foundation":
the foundation's purpose is to ensure
"the eternal prosperity of life";
that includes eternal survival:
"Our solar system will last for billions of years.
That is a very long time, but it is not forever.
The goal of the Living Universe Foundation
is the assured survival of life.
To achieve this, humanity must spread to
other star systems."

similarly concerned with star travel:

Paul Gilster`Centauri Dreams:
Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration
-- he blogs at centauri-dreams.org .

M. Millis, E. Davis`Frontiers of Propulsion Science
(Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics)
-- by the Tau Zero Foundation founder
and NASA's leading expert on
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics
--. this book can't tell you about
classified free-energy and anti-gravity tech;
we will hear about this only after Fall 2016
when the global government secures the planet
and can fully supervise the use of super tech .

. see articles related to the
longnow's Manual for Civilization .

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