Linus Torvalds`thoughts on #Python

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Linus/Python is an interpreter:
> What is your favorite interpreted programming language,
and why?
"Heh. I don't much do interpreters.
The only one I end up using consciously
(ie not part of somebody else's scripts)
end up being just the regular shell.
It's not that I dislike things like perl/python,
it's just that I tend to either just write C,
or do _so_ simple things that shell works fine for me.
I might admit to having a soft spot for Basic,
but I haven't actually used it
in closer to twenty years or so.
But it was what I started with,
so it will always be special ;) "

Linus/Python uses GC (garbage collection):
"The advantage of GC is that it is automatic.
But CG apologists should just admit
that it causes bad problems and
often _encourages_ people
to write code that performs badly."
. see gc in python .
. python gc is slow .

Linus/Python is object-oriented:
"For example, I personally believe that Visual Basic
did more for programming than Object-Oriented Languages did.
Yet people laugh at VB and say it's a bad language,
and they've been talking about OO languages for decades.
And no, Visual Basic wasn't a great language,
but I think the easy database interfaces in VB [VB 3]
were fundamentally more important
than object orientation is, for example."

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