compare databases, filesystems

1.24: adda/oop/db:

5.4(2009): adda/oop/db:
. how is a fs different than a db,
eg, how to impl' db with fs?
. the db controls how it stores its data as files;
but one way is
a record gets a folder named with a serial #,
then each file is named after a field in the record;
if that field is structured
then it would be a folder named like a file with a d'type name
. another subfolder system holds oop'ish meta data .
. so, instead of using db mgt to access records,
it sends msg's to a record`s type mgt
so data formats can change without reprogramming db mgt
or normalizing db .
. the oop'ish question to ask is
what operations exist for db vs fs ?
. the unit of a fs is the file
which is a db restricted to a few components:
(name, owner, type, creation.date, mod.date, etc)
. the unit of a db is a record
whose components are specific to attributes of
what the record is a symbol of .