D language

7.16: news.adda/lang"D:

. reasons to rewrite C to D?

. C is missing module support?
-- that feature helps figure out
where a function is defined;
but, cscope does that too .

. D was designed to remove
most of the flaws from C and C++,
while keeping the same syntax,
and even binary compatibility with C...
and almost binary compatibility with C++.
[. actually,
C syntax is a flaw too,
having decl's only a compiler could love .]

. D is also a mix of low-level
(x86 assembly is part of the language)
and higher-level characteristics
(optional gc, modules,
a fix of C++ templates, etc.).
. implementations include
front ends for LLVM and gcc .
. tango is the community replacement for
digitalmars`Phobos system library .
. unless there's something your lang needs
that simply can't be done in C,
the most simple and portable way
to enjoy working in your own lang,
is to just translate your lang to C .
. that route is esp'ly handy for
platforms like Apple's,
where you really need to be
using their tools .
. having translated to C,
I'm already half-way toward
translating for obj'c and cocoa .]