Golang's targeted platforms include mac

7.17: web.adda/google'golang/how many platforms targeted?:

"( we considered using LLVM for 6g
but we felt it was too large and slow
to meet our performance goals.
The Go tool chain is written in C.
. you need to have GCC, the standard C libraries,
the parser generator Bison, make, awk,
and the text editor ed installed.
On OS X, they can be installed as part of Xcode.
On Linux, use
$ sudo apt-get install bison gcc libc6-dev ed gawk make
Why doesn't Go run on Windows yet?
We understand that
a significant fraction of computers in the world
run Windows
and it would be great if those computers
could run Go programs.
A group of volunteers has made significant progress
toward porting Go to MinGW.
You can follow their progress
at the Go Wiki's WindowsPort page.) .
. a tutorial shows xp safely sandboxed
in a mac {vmware, parallels} virtual machine .