the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR)

8.19: adda/co/the ms`ccr model:
. the new view I got from reading about
ms`robotics`lang and the CCR
was that task entries are separate from tasks,
and can be shared among tasks .
. entries can be dynamically assigned to tasks;
agents can dynamically change .
. integrating this with OOP,
any msg can be sent to any task
or any shared queue;
and it can look at both the
name and the arg list`types,
to decide how to handle it .
thoughts on Ada's Tasking:
. an entry corresponds to an obj`msg,
each Ada task has its own queue
on which task entries are posted .
. Ada protected types saved time by
skipping the queue posting,
and going straight to atomic access
else waiting for another to finish .
. the queueing then must be occuring
with the scheduler:
tasks are suspended waiting for a resource,
and if each resource had its own list,
then every time that resource is finished,
the scheduler checks that resource's queue
for the next task to wake .