lang's for supercomputer concurrency

adda/concurrency/lang's for supercomputer concurrency
. the DARPA`HPCS program
(High Productivity Computing Systems)
is meant to tame the costs of HPC
(High Performance Computing)
-- HPC is the use of supercomputers for
simulations to solve problems in
chemistry, physics, ecology, sociology,
and esp'ly warfare .
. programmer productivity
means making it easier to develope
code that can make full use of
a supercomputer's concurrency .
. the main source of the cost
is a lack of smart software tools
that can turn science experts
into computer coders .
. toward this end, they are funding
the design of new concurrency lang's .
. the DoD and DARPA already made
quite an investment in the
Ada concurrency lang',
a language designed for expressing
the sort of concurrency needed by
embedded system engineers; 7.31:
but, the software developer community
spurned Ada as soon as there was
something better ...
. pascal was popular before '85,
and when Ada arrived '83,
it was popular too;
then came the Visual version
of Basic (familiar and slick).
. the top demanded langs by year were:
'85: C, lisp, Ada, basic;
'95: v.basic, c++, C, lisp, Ada;
'05: Java, C, c++, perl, php,

. the only currently popular lang's
meant for exploiting multi-core cpu's
if not other forms of concurrency, are:
(3.0% rating) obj'c 2.0 (with blocks)
(0.6% rating) Go
(0.4% rating) Ada
. whether or not Ada's concurrency model
is well-suited for supercomputers
as well as embedded systems,
it is not increasing coder'productivity .
. while Ada boosted productivity beyond
that offered by C,
it was nevertheless proven to do
less for productivity than Haskell

HPC Productivity 2004/Kepner{ 2003(pdf), 2004(pdf) }:
. lang's were compared for
expressiveness vs performance:
. the goal of a high-performance lang'
is to have the expressiveness
of Matlab and Python,
with the performance of VHDL
(VHDL is a version of Ada for ASICs ).
. UPC (Unified Parallel C) and Co-array Fortran
are half way to high-productivity
merely by using PGAS
(Partitioned global address space)
rather than MPI
(Message Passing Interface).
. the older tool set: C, MPI, and openMP
is both slow and difficult to use .

. the 2 lang's that DARPA is banking on now
are Cray`Chapel, and IBM`X10 Java .
. they were also funding Sun`Fortress
until 2006,
which features a syntax like advanced math
-- the sort of greek that physics experts
are expected to appreciate .