robotics as the economical meds nurse

4.22: adds/robotics/the economical meds nurse:
. to use the robotics meds nurse,
you get these locked cylinders that only the robot can open,
and once you install it in the robot, it locks in place;
and, you can't get it back until the meds are used;
then you take that empty cylinder back for a refill,
like a propane tank recycling deal .
. it has vision and intelligence,
and checks your mouth for cheating .
. if there's cheating of any kind,
it stops using your phone for I'm-ok signals,
and the DEA knocks on your door .

. with the economical meds nurse controling dose,
we can be trusted with low-dose versions of
commonly abused street drugs .
. meth, ecstacy, lsd, pcp, and many other out-lawed substances
could again have practical uses
when dosage compliance is ensured .
. of course, then you have to worry about privacy rights;
does this robot have a right to keep my doctor informed
on when I actually take my meds?
. this would be a great way to know whether
schizophrenics were taking their anti-psychotics, right?
only there are some ivy league psychiatrists (Dr.Breggin)
who insist that anti-psychotics are unecessary brain damage;
and, there are many med-free "(psychotics)
who will maintain good behavior
as part of a medication avoidance strategy;
whereas, if you ensured compliance,
these patients would act no better,
and would be increasing our medical costs for
diabetes, heart disease, and other costly conditions
related to metabilic disorders
and other endocrine disruptions
that are a direct result of anti-psychotic meds  .]