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. textbook on electricity .
Welcome to ibiblio!

Home to one of the Internet's largest
“collections of collections”,
ibiblio.org is an online public library with
freely available software and information,
for topics such as music, literature, art,
history, science, politics, and cultural studies.
With between 12 million to 16 million
worldwide transactions per day,
it is a resource used frequently by
audiences of all interests and backgrounds.
. ibiblio.org is a collaboration of the
School of Info and Lib Science,
the School of Journalism and Mass Communication,
and Information Technology Services 
all at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Imagine being able to walk into your local library
and view, on demand, and without charge,
not only every imaginable written text, but also
music and poetry archives, African American authors,
American history, sports statistics, philosophy of religion,
Italian literature, large text database projects,
software archives, and more.
Then imagine, in addition to being able to
view the collection,
you have the opportunity to critique it, expand it,
or create and manage a new collection
in your own area of interest.
While such a feat is physically and fiscally
beyond the scope of even the largest and most
extraordinary physical library,
ibiblio.org achieves such breadth and depth
on the Internet.

The collaboration has multiple components,
including programs to:
Expand and improve the distribution of
open source software;
Continue UNC’s programs to develop an online
library and archive;
Host and foster projects that expand the
concepts of transparency and openness
into new areas;
Create, expand, improve, publish, and distribute
research on the open source communities;
Expand and improve the creation of and distribution
of open source software and documentation;
Serve as a model for other open source projects.

From Project Gutenburg (the famous free book archive)
to etree.org (where fans of tape-friendly bands
share concert music),
and from charities and non-profits
both locally and worldwide (especially those of
the Tibetan government in exile)
to video documentaries of folk practice,
ibiblio.org hosts one of the largest collections
of collections on the Internet.

Today, ibiblio.org continues its role as
a technology pioneer
by expanding its realm from simply
Web-based services – it is involved in
Internet2 projects, 3-D environments, video archiving,
and the streaming of 7 not-for-profit radio stations.
. ibiblio.org is also involved in
free software development directly
with several local projects as well as
leadership in the Linux Documentation Project.

What’s new? BitTorrent downloads:
ibiblio + BitTorrent = terasaur