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4.20: news.adds/openware/opensourceseedinitiative.org:
wisc.edu`Open Source Seed Pledge:
. the Open Source Seed Pledge aims to
keep new vegetable and grain varieties
free for all scientists, and farmers .
. sustainable food systems advocates
are celebrating 29 new varieties of
broccoli, celery, kale, quinoa
and other vegetables and grains
that are being publicly released
using a novel form of ownership agreement
known as the Open Source Seed Pledge.
. the pledge, which was developed through a
UW-Madison-led effort known as the
Open Source Seed Initiative,
is designed to keep the new seeds free
for all people to grow, breed and share
for perpetuity, with the goal of
protecting the plants from patents
and other restrictions down the line.
12.20: Seeds NOT available for order!:
Due to heavy demand, as of June 21, 2014,
we have sold all of our seeds.
old news:
Want to get going this season with OSSI seeds?
This introductory seed collection includes
an assortment of 15 seed packets of
Certified Organic OSSI vegetable varieties
including, Midnight Lightning zucchini,
Red Ursa kale, Gatherer’s Gold pepper, Joker Lettuce
and more.  Pre-order now for delivery in mid May.
Your $25 for this collection will go toward
the OSSI fund for Open Source Breeding
and will help support farmers and any breeders
committed to releasing varieties
forever protected in the public domain.