adda with mac, lisp, & nu

6.23: pos.adda/lisp/reuse of nu:
. can adda reuse nu by mapping to nu trees?
the primary job of adda is to
translate my lang to the platform's;
nu may not be a direct translation,
esp'ly given that it's completely oop
and maps to obj'c rather than
trying to stay in ansi c .
. the way nu could be quite handy
is to study how it implements
the lisp-like behaviors on the mac .
holy grail:
. here in this neontology example
he's got code for everything that is
usually done by the gui tool"InterfaceBuilder .
. replacing that is holy grail of addx .

6.23: adda/lisp/including s-expressions:
. the users of nu and lisp
like to remind us that
using a lang based on s-expressions
is not just being lazy:
it's just much easier to understand
when designing code that reads code .
. therefore, adda must have both modes:
and s-expressions .
. english-math actually follows
syntax rules convenient to humans;
whereas, s-expression is simply
converting nested parentheticals
directly to nested trees .