library mgt integrated with torrent client

6.1: adde/library mgt integrated with torrent client:
. I had this idea that all components
should be torrented by default
with the torrent client built into the apt-get service
but a problem with torrents generally,
is that when getting service from an isp,
the isp is a bottleneck;
you're a subnode of the isp;
the isp can efficiently flow only when
not everyone is streaming at once;
whereas, torrenting expects the opposite:
if any streaming occurs,
all nodes should be streaming until the job is done .
. nevertheless, if it's good eno' for large downloads,
it should also be helpful with
masses of small downloads, [right?]
. when you open the torrent client,
it's listing all the modular packages
you got from the debian library,
having them in original form .
. do the packages get modified during installation?
if so, this would double the amount space
needed for this to work .

. another problem is that with smaller loads,
it may not be easy to convince people to give
when they're not getting as much .
. I got the idea from
hearing that skype is a torrent;
when you sign in to take calls,
you are also volunteering to torrent calls .
. the apt-get client could at least torrent
for the time it was downloading .
. the client could explain
this is one way you could help with
paying for the cost of
streaming packages and updates .
. there could be an adjustment for
stopping when the fan got noisy, etc .