gooey gui portability

6.28: pos.adda/dev.gui/stay with the mainstream tools:

. sdl (simple directmedia layer)
reminds me that being low level
could get you into trouble;
the original adda plan
to simply write a native code compiler
for each system, might be
not only cleaner, but also safer,
since a platform's own code and tools
are likely to take better care of you
if not with a safer language,
then at least with documentation
that warns you where the landmines are .

. a browse through sdl-style portability
points out that c is not multi-core .
. the goal of portability
-- as in maximal c coding --
could interfere with some
very smart c concurrency extensions .
. if concurrency should be pervasive,
your code will be riddled with non-std c
(don't even bother trying for portable).
[6.30: but the mvc pattern could help with
turning concurrency into a module? ]