mvc and observer notifications

6.21: addx/mvc and observer notifications:

. if there is a std graphics api like opengl,
shouldn't scripted app's have access to it ?
[6.27: how to keep mvc separation?
the model is using graphics to
make data components;
then the view can still have control in display
(graphics can be thumb-nailed,
displayed in a box of the intended size
but with descriptive text inside, etc ) .]

. the core system needs to build from
mac's idea of encouraging
all app's to provide an interface
that other app's and scripts can use
for using the services of that app .
. if the model does have some
new way of letting the user generate
data that is based on graphics,
then in a strict mvc model,
the model programmer will need to
contribute to the controller's code
through a plug-in architecture .
eg, the basic adde will have only
the sort of gui dynamics needed for
generating text and pictures .
. these behaviors will be bound to
the relevant datatypes;
a model can extend adde to do games
by binding a plug-in to game types
that explains how to display interaction .
. the proof of mvc separation will be
that adde, or the user's chosen controller
can show robots or networked users
playing the same game .
(game architecture should be based on
layers of activity
so as to minimize redrawing
and instead rely on compositing;
when something affects a model
all it's observers (view controlers and robots)
need to be notified .) ]