amazon-style component distribution

4.15: news.addx/alt's to the spikesource way:
gillmor gang and spikesource:
. spikesource is about selecting and testing
stacks of openwares from the
too-huge number of choices .
. the idea of rss updates were suggested
as a challenge to the spikesource design .
. it would take some safe architecture
like addx or ms`.net
for rss to be practically scalable:
anyone could stack any combination of rss feeds
because the architecture was designed to
safely use and mix indie works:
. the architecture would auto'ly accept
only high-level sources that it compiled itself,
and it would auto'ly enforce modularity:
making sure all the plugs & sockets fit each other .

. the spikesource design has to
hand-hold every piece it promotes,
and is not making optimal use of user reviews .
. it should be like amazon, but also sortable by
reviewer reputation or expertise in field .
(that may not be easy to do with volunteers,
but that's where the value is ).