llvm's role in addx

4.22: addm/llvm's role in addx:
. why can't addm just run llvm code?
isn't elegance a dumb place to put an asm lang?
# c-friendly:
the whole point of addm is to
minimize dependencies;
many systems have no llvm system
but do have a c compiler .
# simplicity = involvement:
. while llvm is all about efficiency,
addx is about making computers accessible .
. just as there can be
cpu's designed for a language,
addm's purpose as a virtual machine
is to match the architecture of adda .
. llvm does fit in as a module:
it would be a tremendous achievement
-- on par with Apple's llvm for obj'c --
to have a way for directly translating
from addm to llvm
rather than the c link used now:
adda -> c -> llvm .