freedom from having to trust

4.11: addx/binary extensions:
. the system protects the user from the app coder;
but for more freedom
the app coders perhaps could write extensions
(eg, for directly accessing some hardware [5.11:
and incrementally evolving native code like Python .]
. the safety model would be the usual tho':
the user has to ok a warning about
modified systems having no warranty by addx;
ie, the only reason for adding extensions
is to sneak around addx's
safety-minded limitations .
. addx might also ask the user
where they got this extension,
and suggest how they could find
similar functionality elsewhere .
. the safe way to get software
is open source code
written specifically in adda's lang;
which the addx system rewrites into
code it knows is safe;
. extensions don't allow this rewriting;
rather, they are asking the system
to install arbitrary code
which can have full power over your system .
. while such code may be
protecting trade secrets; [5.11:
adda code is guaranteed to protect
your system because the permissions are
per app', not per user (capabilities);
eg, your app can't write to your folders
unless you ok a range of them .
. this runs into the pc problem tho':
just because we're adults here
doesn't mean were not going to burn;
and then people are using the addx name
to lament how freedom is not idiot-proof;
much better to just take the blue pill
and keep people safe .
. keep in mind freedom vs trust;
the adda code can still do anything;
but only the adda code can be trusted to
tell you every rotten place
it's about to take you to .
"(can I search your folders?
can I use the internet?
do you want to ok what I send out? ...).]