markup and toc mirroring

5.11: 5.31: adda/markup/integrated markup:
. I had thought of the markup lang' as being
part of the editor -- just as html
is considered to be part a browser --
but in keeping with the one-lang philosophy,
the programming lang should include the
markup lang' -- meta-level lang,
as well as assembly -- low-level lang .
. these levels can have unique syntax
yet share as many qualities as possible .
. by being part of the same standard,
they are all easier to use and remember;
and by not leaving a mode out,
you avoid forcing people to roll their own;
of course, if that's their interest,
good openware should make it easier to do
by providing a reusable kit .]
5.11: adda/markup/toc mirroring:
. there are 2 ways to express nested subtitles:
# containers:
. the markup lang' has container tags:
-- subtitle: [(], [)] --
all titles within the container
are nested within the container's title;
nested titles shows up in the toc as being
indented deeper than their enclosure's title .
# toc's:
. the table of contents (toc) is auto-generated
from what is marked up as being subtitles;
if the toc's indentation is changed;
the documents markup will be auto-adjusted
to actively reflect the toc's state,
and auto-generate container markup .