integrated app tutorials

1.22: adde/integrated demo's:
. you can often see vid's of how to handle a gui interface;
it would be handy to instead have
a script that enhanced your gui:
it shows a balloon msg at what to click next;
and you can hit return to have it do one step at a time:
what it says you should be doing:
eg, it points to the menu,
hitting return opens the menu,
it points to a menu item,
hitting return launches the item ... .
. it can do this because
every gui view is represented as data structures,
so the demo app is reading as text
the same thing being shown to you graphically .
. it then finds what it expects,
and sends a balloon launch of the expected item .
. this way, if the app's interface changes,
then the demo can give up gracefully
when a search fails,
rather than showing you views of the app
that don't really exist .

1.24: news.adde/Apple`Popovers:
. the feature I had for adde recently
(integrated tutorials) [@] adde/integrated demo's
is partially supported by apple now,
and goes by the name Popovers .
"( AppKit framework now includes popovers,
a new unit of content that can be positioned relative to
other content on the screen.
Popovers automatically move whenever the
positioning view moves.
You can also design popovers that can be detached,
allowing them to become a separate window. )