large trees composed of byte-ptr trees

1.8: adda/mem'mgt/
large trees composed of byte-ptr trees:
. part of a space-saving obssession has been
finding how to make large trees be composed of
small trees that can use byte-sized pointers .
. the large tree is just like the local heap space:
a function activation record is given one segment
in which to store local data and param's;
after that fills up, it's turned into rib of a backbone segment:
(an array of c pointers to other segs).
. the way this is arranged should be such that
we can refer to the rib segs as indexes of the base seg,
. if all those fill up, then the last seg is the next size up:
. say the backbone hold 10ribs of size 10,
then the last rib is 10x10 size.
. isn't this supposed to be building the same way numbers do?
after the backbone fills up, it needs to be extended from above;
ie, replace the seg tree with a new backbone seg,
and then make the full backbone seg
a child of the new backbone seg:
| | | | | .

1.23: adda/type"tree/packing smaller trees:
. you can build a tree in large array
and if detecting under 255,
do a straight copy to small: for 1..256: copy word to byte
because the same links apply using the same structure
only smaller pointers .