wild vs proper goto's vs informal looping

1.6: adda/cstr/goto:
. if goto's are jumping high in same the block
the place they jump to need only be typed .loop,
but wild jumps need to be typed .<<>>
. when used at the end to break from a nested cstr,
the goto is a clean jump to bottom,
these are typed .exit? [1.31:
. this is the proper use of goto;
so, it doesn't need a special type,
but every thing should have a type,
and the default type for labels could be .label .]

. to enter wrapup.label
use the syntax (enter wrapup) ? [1.31:
yes .]
. don't use the syntax (exit);
because, it may not be to exit self*
and (exit (current enclosure)) should be reserved for
situations that actually involve
jumping out of some enclosing container .
. the other exits are  {main, parent, thread}
as well as named cstr's {case, loop }.

. at each cstr (any structure that may contain stmts)
there can be a wrapup section named [on exit];
on().proc can also concurrently check
any number of conditions that implicitely
call the given responder routine when the guard is true . [1.31:
eg, on mem-out: (save work; log error) .]