comparing ide's #dev.pyqt

3.31: summary:
. I got spyder working on ubuntu 11.04,
running the summerfield examples .
. everything was installed by the
ubuntu software center .

3.6: pos: ide should be idle:
. my tutor suggests using Idle
(mark summerfield`rapid gui programming with python and qt)
. he said eric would be too complicated
for a beginner -- that was back in 2008;
I wonder what he would have thought of spyder ?

3.6: mis.cyb/xu.eric:
. when I first opened xu.eric4,
it asked me to do config,
but then closed unexpectedly
and complained of
Qstring being undefined .
. I'm following this eric4 tutorial
and it says new-project should offer
some vcs choices, at least, svn,
but it shows nothing .
. this is likely due to not doing config right;
this tutorial is not going into config options .

3.7: Eric
Eric is complex. Indeed, confusing.
This is another failure of usability in open source.
The weirdest thing is that when creating a project,
it also tries to create a skeleton for Python.
But obviously, the first thing I do to test
is to start using the editor in an ongoing project.
Maybe it’s possible to create
your own project templates,
but an empty one would be nice as default.
Eric does have the feature to add specific
files and folders to the project, hooray!
It also supports remote debugging.
I can’t find a way to add existing
paths to the project though,
not even manually .
3.6: Spyder (Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment):
. a simple and light-weight, cross-platform,
powerful interactive development environment
with advanced editing, interactive testing,
debugging and introspection features
and a numerical computing environment
thanks to the support of IPython and
popular Python libraries such as
NumPy (linear algebra),
SciPy (signal and image processing)
or matplotlib (interactive 2D/3D plotting).
Spyder may also be used as a library
providing powerful console-related widgets
for your PyQt-based applications
– for example, it may be used to
integrate a debugging console
directly in the layout of your gui .
. see the news group .
. Spyder's code base .

3.7: Spyder 2009:
. introspection-based code completion
and integrated debugger .
Free open-source scientific Python environment
providing MATLAB-like features:
console with variable browser, sys.path browser,
environment variables browser,
integrated plotting features,
autocompletion and tooltips
- editor with syntax highlighting, class/function browser,
pyflakes/pylint code analysis,
inline find/replace and search in files features,
code completion and tooltips.
100% pure Python, part of Python(x,y).
regebro critique of Spyder 2010:
. no actual sort of project management,
and although they analyze the file you edit,
they don’t analyze your whole project
and they know nothing of your dependencies.
They therefore can’t do any reasonable code completion
or going to source even if they wanted to.
They are often listed amongst IDE’s, but they aren’t IDE’s,
they are editors that have a file browser built in.
3.20: spyder/ipython 0.12 running in spyder 2.1.8 on ubuntu:
. our support for Ipython 0.12 is quite poor.
They changed a lot of things and
we haven't had time to catch up,
in part because our support for ipython 0.10
is quite good, and we haven't needed it.
The bad news first:
. plotting doesn't work in the ipython console
for any version >= 0.11, sorry.
I'll try to look into this
to see if I can make it work again
without losing all our other features
(like code completion).
Don't wait it though until Spyder 2.2.
The good news:
. I discovered a fix to the
"ValueError: API 'QString' has already been set to version 1".
 Pierre Raybaut      Mar 19 (1 day ago)
Re: [spyder] How to get ipython 0.12 running in spyder 2.1.8 on ubuntu
FYI, IPython 0.12 is now working with
Spyder's latest Mercurial changesets
(meaning that both v2.1.9 and v2.2.0 will
support recent IPython versions again).
Note that IPython 0.11+ support is still experimental
-- and it's only working in the IPython plugin
(*not* in the Console plugin).
The Console plugin supports only IPython 0.10, and
I doubt that we'll ever be able to
add support for IPython 0.11+

3.7: Python(x,y)
. this is not an ide, they recommend spyder or ipython .
. a free scientific and engineering development software for
numerical computations, data analysis
and data visualization
based on Python programming language,
Qt graphical user interfaces and
Spyder interactive scientific development environment.
. do parallel computing on multicore/processors computers
or even clusters (with Parallel Python),
With Python(x,y), one can do:
    interactive calculations including for example
2D and 3D plotting or symbolic maths,
    simple functionnal programming
(with MATLAB-like syntax)
    as well as powerful object-oriented programming,
    scientific projects development
from the simplest script
to the most sophisticated application
    thanks to Qt development framework
    and Spyder development environment .

qt with ipython .
. IPython now features Notebook

. Notebook is a major milestone, like Mathematica, or Sage,
but based on the ZeroMQ
asynchronous message queuing library .
. Researcher raves about IPython combination:
Numpy/Scipy for numerical operations,
Cython for low-level optimization,
IPython for interactive work, and MatPlotLib .
. but for newcomers to scientific programming
he recommends trying Sage first .

3.7: NinjaIDE:
Ninja IDE is written in Python using QT.
NINJA-IDE (from: "Ninja Is Not Just Another IDE") .
Python + PyQt + (Linux/Windows/Mac OS X)
. one of the IDEs with introspection-based code completion
 /or/ and integrated debugger
. a review .
. ninja's forum .

3.7: PythonToolkit (PTK)
. introspection-based code completion
and integrated debugger .
An interactive environment for python built around
a matlab style console window and editor.
It was designed to provide a python based environment
similiar to Matlab for scientists and engineers
however it can also be used as a general purpose
interactive python environment
especially for interactive GUI programming.
Features include:
Multiple independent python interpreters.
Interactively program with different GUI toolkits
(wxPython, TkInter, pyGTK, pyQT4 and PySide).
Matlab style namespace/workspace browser.
Object auto-completions, calltips and
multi-line command editing in the console.
Object inspection and python path management.
Simple code editor and integrated debugger.
. written in wxPython
Added PySide (Qt4) engine .

3.7: MonkeyStudio:
Python+PyQt4 RAD IDE,
that includes an integrated QtDesigner .

3.6: eclipse with a python plugin and pyqt support:
. eclipse is rather heavy, so I'll save this option for last .

3.7: web: PyScripter -- not for qt,
Is windows only.