library mgr preparing code for export to public

3.23: adda/library mgt/preparing code for export to public:
. should adda use the python module system?
. the problem python has is a rapidly changing system library;
often times the system will choose the same name as
some private user modules,
so unless you have separate namespaces for {system, user}
the system space will likely engulf part of existing user space,
thereby changing the meaning of some older programs,
at least if user's upgrade their system library .
. the library mgt should take care of this:
when you upgrade the system,
it tells you whether the new system is clashing with your library .
. if you export your code for public use,
it makes sure that your references to local modules
include the url where that module's source code is kept .
. if there is no url, or you modified the code,
then the library makes sure your export
includes the local source code .
. the export also needs to indicate
the current version of the system module
so then when a library mgr is importing a module
it has to find a compatable system to place the new module;
and it has to check for library conflicts,
where the current compatible system
has the same names as some of the modules being imported,
in which case it has to rename the user modules,
and patch all references .