PySide vs pyqt

3.7: pos.cyb/dev.pyqt/PySide vs pyqt:

. one problem with deciding between PySide and pyqt
is that it does mean
changing the source I'm learning from,
and the only reason not to use
pyqt, the choice of my tutor,
is if you're project is closed-source .
. at first I thought that pyqt would
not be as well supported as PySide
but pyqt is backed by payware funds
just as PySide is .

3.8: web: not easy to keep them separated:
It is also generally not a good idea to
import both PyQt and PySide at the same time.
Note that some packages will import PyQt
when imported themselves (eg. matplotlib/pylab
with Qt set as the default backend etc).
. this means that you may need use both {pyside, pyqt}
because whenever you import one of them indirectly,
that importing module should do all its work
in which ever one is already being used .
. imports are module specific so this works out .
. as for gui widgets that are trans-module,
it all gets translated into c++ by then .
. if it's not this simple, then the version used
will depend on what libraries you need the most .